לתרום להקמת יער מאכל


Will members of the community be allowed to go and work elsewhere?

Everyone is permitted to leave the forest for any purpose, and at any given moment. The aim is that it won't be necessary to leave the forest, but the right to leave will remain engraved in stone.

Can non-vegans live in the food forest? 

Every person has the right to live in the forest as long as they keep our rules while staying in the forest. Anywhere else, they can do whatever they want to.

Is it permissible to eat food cooked in the forest?

In the forest we do not eat cooked food for various reasons.
Health: We believe that the most optimal diet for human is a raw-vegan ,not processed and therefore not cooked diet, just like any other animal in the world. We believe that all the nutrients and components that one needs can be received via a raw natural diet, consisting primarily of fruits, leaves, vegetables and nuts or seeds. You can read additional Information on a raw nutrition by a Googling "raw veganism", "fruitarian" ,"Raw Food ".

Social: From our past experience, we noticed that some people find it difficult to remain raw vegans for various reasons (social, or coping with life's problems by consuming addictive foods like gluten, refined sugar, salt, etc.). We would like to support those who still find it difficult to maintain this way of life and therefore we ask not to consume cooked food in the forest.

Environmental: food processing requires tools and often energy that can leave an ecological footprint. Cooking requires the use of fire or heating (typically creates pollution), and also requires tools (pan, pot, or solar cooker) - that creates dependency on objects. We would like to be less dependent on objects (Minimalizm) that are eventually thrown out, whose production is also contaminating.

You can Contact Us and ask more specific questions about what we eat and what not.

Will we raise farm animals in the forest?


We do not believe in a strategy of exploiting animals to meet our human needs. Therefore, we will not "raise" or become "owners" of domestic or farm animals in forest.

We have a desire that only people and animals who want to live in the forest will live there. There will be no cages or fences in the forest.

There will be chickens in the forest, because the forest will provide a shelter for hens rescued from coops, but there is no intention to to take advantage of chickens or animals or humans.


Why will you settle down in Galilee?

Galilee has the best climate in the country for raising a variety of plants.

What will be your source of income?

There will be time to work and earn money outside the forest, and we are hopeful that we can later make money as a community - for example, running workshops, selling products and services, and so on. If our plans will be fully realized - in a few decades we will need almost no money, because we will grow everything we consume ourselves .

What about hygiene - showers, laundry, toilets?


1. Showers - we will make a showers area with a hose. There is a wonderful way for heating water using the energy of decomposition of organic material. That way, we do not depend on the weather and can heat water all year round. In the picture - an example of infrastructure for making compost heating showers, built in California, USA. Photo by website www.midwestpermaculture.com

2. Laundry - manually. When eating only fruits and vegetables, your sweat hardly smells , and the clothes are cleaned easily using water only.

3. Defecation-  we use our discharges to make fertilizer. It breaks up naturaly in a decomposition process, and thereby enriches the soil with important nutrients. So there is no need in paving sewage infrastructure and creating any pollution by discharge of sewage into the sea.

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